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Book Review: The Expert Landlord: Manage Your Residential Property Like a Pro

Author: David Beattie

Published: Feb 2018

Full title: The Expert Landlord: Manage Your Residential Property Like a Pro

One thing about property books that bugs me a bit is when within the first chapter they are trying to tell you to invest in property over shares. Thankfully that was not this book and I was very glad that it didn’t make property out to be something that it is not, and that was why this book was so brilliant.

The Expert Landlord gives a blunt and realistic look at what it entails to run a buy-to-let property. It delivers a very detailed and thorough approach to all aspects of managing your property and your relationship with your tenants. From advertising your property for renting to how to deal with an eviction process the book is comprehensive from start to finish and will equip the reader with many easy to understand systems or practices that can be applied to their own buy-to-let properties.

There are far too many property owners out in the world who think their property is a passive income. This is a scary thought for any poor tenant that may call one of these properties their home. This book is a wake-up call for these landlords as the only way to achieve long-term sustainable return on their investment is to treat their property as a proper business that requires the necessary time and money.

As an owner of a one bedroom flat myself the book pointed out to me some important steps that I was not implementing or was over-looking. Since reading it the administration elements of my own buy-to-let business have improved significantly. I now have proper detailed documented processes on how to deal with late rental payments and inspections, and I am just much better equipped to deal with any management issues that may come my way.

This is the kind of book that I will keep for many years to come and I will turn to for guidance when something comes up and I want to think through how it should be handled.

I give this book 5/5 stars.


Please find the book on amazon here.

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