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Book Review: How to Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grownup

Author: Sam Beckbessinger

Published: Feb 2018

Full title: How to Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grown Up: The Best Money Advice You Never Got

I first heard about this book through the Just One Lap podcast “The Fat Wallet Show” and subsequently heard the author Sam Beckbessinger on the podcast in May 2018.

The book captivated me from chapter 1, not because it was teaching me new concepts I had never heard of but because it was explaining the concepts I already knew in a very unique way.

Sam’s skills with language and explanation really shine though on the book and I think this book is best suited for people who are currently find themselves confused and overwhelmed with the complexity that they see in the financial services industry. Someone who doesn’t have the confidence to take charge of their own finances will take a lot of confidence and motivation from the book because of how well seemingly complicated jargon is explained.

For someone like me who is very well on their way in their investment journey, I gained a better vocabulary to talk about money with my friends and family and I was reminded that simplicity is one of the most important factors in my relationship with my money.

Often after we have read a book we take some very good lessons from it but we never really commit to putting those lessons into action. There is much less chance of that happening with this book because there are so many exercising that Sam asks her readers to do. From writing down what accounts you have to creating a personal balance sheet. It really drives the readers to take action while they are sitting and reading. I found this a very unique factor about this book.

I give this book 5/5 stars.


For more information please visit the website dedicated to this book.

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