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An Ode to Minimalism: Clothing

I started throwing my clothes into boxes labelled; keep, throw and sell. Although I have hardly bought a single item of clothing in over a year it was time for me to drastically cut the horde of clothing I accumulated in my early 20s. This once a proud collection of mine has more recently become a symbol of shame in my own mind.

Easily over a third of my items end up in the “sell” and “throw” boxes, my only two criteria being things I don’t enjoy wearing anymore and things I haven’t worn in over 3 months.

Although I know I can do better there are a few items I am unsure about but they can stay for now. If I have to dig into these boxes in the next three months to find something then that item can stay, otherwise over the course of the next few months it will all be given away or sold.

My decision process getting dressed on any given day can become complicated because of the piles of options that have always been available. Sometimes my favourites are hidden within the clutter causing me to create a complete mess in my search for them. This ends now.

I only wear my favourite clothes, but what is the point of having all these clothes if I have favourites. Surely I should only have a closet full of my favourite clothes, every single item should make me feel great and should be functional for what it is intended for. For a long time this has not been the case, I have had back up after back up, even on occasion wearing a t-shirt just because I haven’t worn it in ages.

This whole process has given me new eyes on the process of buying clothes. This is one of the areas that people build up the most clutter and tens of thousands of rands throughout our life go into buying the next flavour of the week only for it to then be thrown back into the shelves and hangers to be wore once in a blue moon or never like something that is just waiting to expire at the back of your fridge.

I do know that I won’t be buying clothes at least for another year, and when I do it will be out of necessity and not desire. No more walking the malls strolling through stores looking at clothes that would look so nice on me but not on my bank balance.

So where does this leave me? With the opportunity to not only declutter my cupboard but many other areas in my life, also with the opportunity to make some money in the process. If you really interrogate what it is that we actually use around us I think you would be quite surprised about what is actually adding value to your life and what is just filling up space and gathering dust.

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