Set a financial priority and simplify investing

Simplicity is a quality which is very important to me. I’m sure you know the saying that you don’t understand something unless you can explain it to a six year old. Well I think that there is a lot of truth in this. If I think of my own work which is to plan stock to sell in a retail store, although a very technical and specialised job it is by no means rocket science. A little bit of common sense really goes a long way and for a long time I don’t think I would have been able to explain the work I do to a six year old. We often tend to over-complicate things in our work and forget that just the basics done well will lead to brilliant results.
When it comes to the financial industry in South Africa looking from the outside I am not sure that simplicity is one of their strongest attributes. It can be so overwhelming to financial amateurs that we hire financial planners and brokers to navigate through this industry for us. Products within products and fees within fees, fancy jargon which…

The true cost of moving closer to work

In January 2014 I got my first real corporate job, I was very excited after what was a very gruelling recruitment process that took about 6 months from application to getting the final offer of employment.
The employer’s offices were in the northern suburbs of Cape Town roughly 45kms from my current home at the time. I was so focused on entering the job market that the thought of the daily commute hadn’t really crossed my mind.
When I first started working the commute didn’t bother me. A roughly 50-55minutes travelling time one way was surprising easy in the first year. There were the occasional days of incidents on my usual route which would cause massive delays but this could have been avoided if I had been more acquainted with Google maps at the time.

After the first year I will admit that the trip started to take its toll on me. It would tire me out completely, and traffic was getting worse as Cape Town became more and more congested.
In November 2015 I bought a flat 1,5kms away from …

VAT increase or FAT increase